20000 Broilers Using Automatic Poultry Cages

Chicken House: 77M*12M*3.2M
Capacity of chicken house: 20000 Broilers

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LIVI Machinery, a leader in poultry farming solutions, has designed an efficient and advanced poultry farming system for a Moroccan farmer. The goal is to house and manage 20000 broilers in a closed poultry house using state-of-the-art automatic poultry cages.

Project Overview

The poultry house dimensions are 77m x 12m x 3.2m.

H-type broiler cages are chosen for optimal space use and efficient management.

The layout includes 3 layers of cages arranged in 3 rows, with each row containing 66 sets of cages.

A total of 198 cage sets are required to house 20000 broilers.

Cage Specifications

H-type broiler cages are constructed from durable materials and designed to enhance broiler welfare and productivity.

Each cage set is specifically sized to accommodate the required number of birds while ensuring their comfort.

Automated Feeding System

The automatic feeding system ensures consistent and efficient feed distribution.

This reduces labor, improves growth rates, and ensures that all broilers receive adequate nutrition.

Automated Manure Removal System

The automatic manure removal system operates on a regular schedule to maintain cleanliness.

This system improves hygiene, reduces disease risk, and simplifies maintenance.

Environmental Control Equipment

The environmental control system includes advanced ventilation, temperature control, and humidity regulation.

These components create optimal living conditions for the broilers, enhancing their health and growth.

Benefits of the Automatic Poultry Cages System

Increased efficiency and productivity in broiler farming.

Significant labor cost savings.

Improved farm hygiene and reduced disease incidence.

Scalability and ease of management for future expansion.


The designed system by LIVI Machinery ensures efficient management and optimal conditions for 20000 broilers.

LIVI Machinery is committed to supporting the Moroccan farmer with ongoing maintenance and support.

This project showcases the potential for expansion and further automation in poultry farming

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