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Livi Machinery, a leading manufacturer of poultry farming equipment, is committed to supporting chicken farmers by providing free, professional chicken house design plans. With a deep understanding of the diverse needs of poultry farmers, Livi offers tailored solutions for small, medium, and large-scale operations. Our goal is to ensure that every farmer, regardless of their farm’s size, can benefit from efficient, well-planned, and cost-effective poultry housing.

Small-Scale Chicken House Design (5,000 – 30,000 Birds)

For small-scale farmers, managing between 5,000 to 30,000 birds, Livi Machinery offers compact and efficient designs that maximize space and resources. Our small-scale designs emphasize:

Optimal Space Utilization: Ensuring each bird has adequate space for growth while minimizing waste.

Ventilation Systems: Incorporating natural and mechanical ventilation to maintain ideal temperature and air quality.

Ease of Maintenance: Designing structures that are easy to clean and maintain, reducing labor costs and improving hygiene.

Scalability: Allowing for easy expansion as your operation grows.

Case Study:

A small-scale farm in Kenya used Livi’s design to house 10,000 birds. The efficient use of space and resources resulted in a 15% increase in production efficiency within the first year.

10000 layers in A type chicken cage

10000 Layers In Chicken House Design

  • Chicken house dimensions: 74x8x3.5 meters, semi-enclosed type.
  • Recommended cage type: A-type chicken cage, with 4 tiers and 5 doors, accommodating 160 hens per set.
  • Total of 64 sets of A-type chicken cages required.
  • Layout: Two rows with 32 sets per row, optimizing space and management.
  • Automatic System: Feeding System; Egg Collection System; Manure Cleaning System.

Medium-Scale Chicken House Design (30,000 – 100,000 Birds)

Medium-scale operations require more sophisticated designs to manage larger flocks effectively. For farms housing between 30,000 to 100,000 birds, Livi Machinery provides:

Advanced Environmental Control: Implementing automated systems for temperature, humidity, and lighting to enhance bird comfort and productivity.

Efficient Feeding Systems: Integrating automated feeding systems to ensure consistent and adequate nutrition.

Robust Waste Management: Designing efficient waste collection and disposal systems to maintain hygiene and reduce disease risk.

Biosecurity Measures: Incorporating strict biosecurity protocols to prevent the spread of diseases.

Case Study:

A medium-sized farm in Nigeria utilized Livi’s design to streamline their operation. By adopting advanced environmental controls and automated feeding systems, the farm saw a 20% reduction in feed costs and a significant improvement in bird health.

40000 Layers in A Chicken House Design

Poultry House Dimensions: The poultry house measures 75*15*4 meters, providing ample space for the operation.

Layer Cage Setup: Utilizing H-type layer cages, each 1200*625*480mm in size, we plan for 280 sets to accommodate the anticipated 40,000 layers. Each set can house 144 layers, ensuring optimal space usage.

Chicken Equipment Requirements: automated feeding systems, automated manure removal systems, Environmental control systems.

Large-Scale Chicken House Design (100,000+ Birds)

Large-scale poultry farms face unique challenges that require highly specialized solutions. For farms with over 100,000 birds, Livi Machinery offers:

State-of-the-Art Automation: Employing comprehensive automation for feeding, watering, egg collection, and environmental controls to maximize efficiency and minimize labor.

High-Density Housing Solutions: Designing multi-tiered systems to optimize space and manage large numbers of birds effectively.

Energy Efficiency: Utilizing energy-efficient systems to reduce operational costs.

Data Monitoring and Analytics: Implementing advanced monitoring systems to track bird health, production metrics, and environmental conditions in real-time.

Case Study:

A large-scale poultry operation in the Middle East implemented Livi’s design to manage 200,000 birds. The high-density housing and state-of-the-art automation resulted in a 25% increase in production capacity and a 30% reduction in operational costs.


200000 Layers In A Poultry Farm Design

Poultry Farm Size: 150*100M

The poultry farm is divided into several sections, including 8 identical chicken houses, an egg storage facility, employee office and living areas, a feed storage room, a manure processing area, a disinfection zone, and a green belt.

ach chicken house measures 55 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 4.5 meters in height. With a total of eight chicken houses, the farm can comfortably accommodate 200,000 laying hens, with 25,000 birds housed in each chicken house.

Why Choose Livi Machinery?

Expertise and Innovation: With years of experience in the poultry industry, Livi Machinery combines expertise with innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of chicken farmers.

Customized Solutions: We understand that each farm is unique. Our team works closely with farmers to design customized solutions that address specific challenges and goals.

Free Design Services: Our commitment to supporting poultry farmers includes providing free design services. We believe that a well-designed chicken house is crucial to the success of any poultry operation.

Proven Track Record: Numerous successful case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of our designs in improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability for farms of all sizes.

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