10000 Chicken Layer Cages For Sale In Cameroon


We are pleased to announce a successful poultry farming project in Cameroon, where we designed and provided an efficient farming solution for 10,000 chicken layer cages for sale. Utilizing 80 sets of Livi Machinery’s A type poultry cage, each set capable of housing 128 chickens, this project significantly improved farming efficiency while reducing labor costs.

Livi Machinery’s 10,000 Layer Chicken Farming Design Plan

Livi Machinery offered a comprehensive design plan for this project. The chicken house dimensions are 95*10*3.5 meters, with a semi-enclosed design to ensure proper ventilation and hygiene.

Our A type poultry cages, each measuring 1950*420*460mm, are thoughtfully designed for ease of cleaning and management.

Semi-enclosed chicken House

A Type 3-Tiers Layer Chicken Cages

The A type poultry cage are constructed from high-quality galvanized steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Each cage set features a three-tier structure, with an integrated drinking system and feed troughs on each tier to ensure that every chicken has easy access to water and feed.

Advantages of A Type Poultry Cage

High Efficiency: Each set of layer battery cage in Cameroon can house 128 layer chickens, greatly increasing the stocking density.

Space Saving: The three-tier design maximizes the use of space within the chicken house.

Ease of Management: The thoughtful design simplifies feeding, watering, and cleaning tasks.

Durability: The high-quality materials ensure long-term use, reducing the frequency of replacements.

    Use of Automated Egg Collection Equipment

    We provided the client with a complete set of automated egg collection equipment to ensure efficient egg gathering and processing. The automation not only boosts productivity but also maintains the hygiene and safety of the eggs.

    Automated egg collection equipment is not used and automated egg collection equipment is used.

    Raising 10,000 Layer Chickens in Cameroon

    Cameroon’s climate is well-suited for poultry farming, and our design plan leverages local resources to maximize farming efficiency. The 80 sets of A type layer cage offer a cost-effective and efficient farming solution for our client.

    Packaging and Transportation of Chicken Layer Cages for Sale

    We use professional packaging methods to ensure that the cages remain undamaged during transit. Partnering with multiple logistics companies, we guarantee that the cages are delivered safely and promptly to our client.

    Installation of A Type Layer Chicken Cages

    Livi Machinery provides professional installation guidance to ensure that the layer battery cage in Cameroon are set up correctly and quickly. Our technical team offers remote support and on-site assistance to help clients smoothly commence their farming operations.

    Customer Feedback

    Our client has expressed great satisfaction with the results achieved using Livi Machinery’s A type poultry cage. They particularly praised the design and automation, which made their farming operations more efficient and labor-saving. The client is eager to continue collaborating with Livi Machinery to expand their farming scale.

    This project showcases Livi Machinery’s expertise and efficiency in the field of poultry farming equipment. We remain committed to providing high-quality products and services to help our clients achieve efficient and sustainable farming.

    Livi Machinery’s A type layer battery cage in Cameroon are the ideal choice for the poultry farming industry in Cameroon, thanks to their efficiency, durability, and ease of management. For any inquiries or needs, please feel free to contact us.

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