Livi Automatic Poultry Cages Raising 20000 Broilers In Morocco


In a significant step towards modernizing Morocco broiler chicken farm, Livi Machinery successfully implemented advanced automatic poultry cages for a Morocco farmer to riaisng 20000 broilers. This initiative aimed to raise 20,000 broilers efficiently and hygienically. The project not only met its goals but also set a new benchmark for poultry farming in the region, showcasing the impact of technological advancement in agriculture.

Design Plan for Raising 20000 Broilers Using Broiler Battery Cage

The design plan was meticulously crafted to ensure optimal conditions for the broilers and efficient management for the farmer. Key elements of the plan included:

Chicken House Dimensions: The chicken house was designed to be 77 meters long, 12 meters wide, and 3.2 meters high.

Closed-Type Chicken House: The house was fully enclosed to maintain controlled environmental conditions, essential for broiler health and growth.

H-Type Broiler Battery Cage:

3 Tiers: The cages were arranged in three layers to maximize space usage.

3 Rows: There were three rows of cages to ensure adequate distribution and access.

66 Sets Per Row: Each row contained 66 sets of cages, totaling 198 sets for the entire house.

This arrangement allowed for the efficient accommodation of 20,000 broilers, providing them with a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Advantages of Choosing Automatic Poultry Cages Raising Broilers

Opting for Livi’s automatic poultry cages brought numerous benefits:

Automation Benefits: The automation significantly reduced manual labor and increased operational efficiency.

Automatic Feeding System: This system ensured consistent and precise feeding, promoting better growth rates and reducing waste.

Automated Manure Removal: Enhanced hygiene and reduced disease risk were achieved through an efficient manure removal system.

Environmental Control: Advanced equipment maintained optimal temperature, humidity, and ventilation, crucial for broiler health.

Challenges and Solutions During Collaboration

The collaboration encountered several challenges:

Initial Setup Issues: The farmer faced difficulties in understanding and setting up the advanced equipment.

Technical Problems: Some technical glitches were encountered during the initial phase.

Local Adaptation: Adjustments were necessary to adapt the equipment to local conditions.

Livi Machinery provided extensive support, including technical assistance and on-site consultation, to resolve these issues effectively.

Service Advantages of Livi Machinery

Livi Machinery’s service extended beyond the sale of equipment:

Comprehensive Service: From design to installation, Livi offered a full range of services.

Ongoing Support: Continued maintenance and support ensured the smooth functioning of the equipment.

Quality and Durability: Livi’s equipment is known for its high quality and longevity.

Positive Feedback: The Moroccan farmer provided glowing testimonials about the improvement in farm operations and productivity.

Additional Benefits Realized by the Farmer

The implementation of the automated system brought several additional benefits:

Increased Efficiency: Production efficiency and broiler growth rates saw a significant increase.

Reduced Labor Costs: Automation led to a substantial reduction in labor costs.

Enhanced Biosecurity: Improved hygiene and biosecurity measures reduced the risk of disease outbreaks.

Economic Impact: The project had a positive economic impact on the farm and the local community.


The successful implementation of Livi’s automatic poultry cages in Morocco is a testament to the benefits of modern agricultural practices. This project not only improved the farmer’s productivity and efficiency but also demonstrated the potential for similar advancements in the region. With continued support from Livi Machinery, the future of Morocco broiler chicken farm looks promising, encouraging other farmers to embrace automated solutions.

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