200000 Layers Poultry Cages For Sale In Nigeria


In Nigeria, a poultry farmer has reached a new milestone in agricultural development. He has decided to transform his poultry farm into a modern, automated facility to enhance production efficiency, optimize management, and provide high-quality poultry egg products to the market. This chicken farmer has chosen Livi Machinery, a professional supplier of poultry farming equipment, to realize his 200000 layers poultry cages for sale in Nigeria.

Overview of the Poultry Farm

Located in Nigeria, the poultry farm spans an area of 150*100 meters and comprises 8 equally sized poultry houses equipped with comprehensive facilities. It include an egg storage facility, staff office and living quarters, feed storage, waste management area, disinfection zone, and greenbelt.

Scale of Poultry Farming

The modern poultry farm houses a total of 2 million laying hens distributed across 8 poultry houses, with each housing 25,000 laying hens. To facilitate efficient farming management, each poultry house is equipped with H-type poultry farming equipment.


Solutions Provided by Livi Machinery

H-Type Layer Cage:

Livi Machinery has provided 160 sets of H-type layer cage, arranged in 4 rows with 40 sets per row in each poultry house. This layout maximizes space utilization while providing a comfortable living environment for the laying hens.

Automated Poultry Farming Equipment:

Livi Machinery’s automated manure removal system, feeding system, egg collection system, and environmental control system have automated the poultry farming process. The farmer can monitor and adjust environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity within the poultry houses through an intelligent control system. It ensure the comfort and productivity of the poultry flock.

Comprehensive Services:

In addition to supplying high-quality poultry farming equipment, Livi Machinery provides comprehensive after-sales services. Their professional team is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, and training farm staff to ensure the smooth operation and management of the equipment.

    Livi Machinery’s Professional Services

    Expert Consultation:

    Livi Machinery offers expert consultation services to help farmers select the most suitable poultry farming equipment based on their specific needs and modern poultry farm conditions. Their experienced team provides valuable insights and recommendations to optimize farm operations.


    Recognizing that every farm is unique, Livi Machinery offers customization services to tailor poultry farming equipment to meet individual requirements. From H type layer cage design to system integration, they ensure that each solution is optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

    Technical Support:

    Livi Machinery provides ongoing technical support to assist farmers with equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades. Their dedicated support team is available to address any issues promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing farm productivity.

    Training Programs:

    To empower farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to operate their poultry farming equipment effectively. Livi Machinery offers comprehensive training programs. These programs cover equipment operation in modern poultry farm, maintenance best practices, and biosecurity protocols. It ensure that farm staff are equipped to handle day-to-day operations efficiently.


    Through collaboration with Livi Machinery, the Nigerian poultry farmer has successfully realized his 200000 layers poultry cages for sale in Nigeria of upgrading his traditional poultry farm into a modern poultry farm, automated facility. By enhancing production efficiency and product quality, Livi Machinery’s professionalism, advanced poultry farming equipmen. And our attentive services have injected new vitality into Nigeria’s poultry farming industry.

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