30000 Chickens In Poultry Chicken House

Livi Machinery designed a farming design scheme for 30,000 chickens in poultry chicken house using H-type layer cage.

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Livi Machinery, as a professional supplier of chicken raising equipment, designed a farming design scheme for 30,000 chickens in poultry chicken house using H-type layer cage.

1. Shed Dimensions and Layout

  • The shed dimensions are 70*15*4.5 meters.
  • 220 sets of H-type layer cage systems are arranged inside the poultry chicken house.
  • The cages are arranged in 4 rows, with 55 sets per row.
  • There is approximately 1.4 meters of space between each row of layer cages.

2. Automatic Poultry Equipment Configuration

  • Automatic feeding equipment: Timed feeding ensures the chickens receive an adequate supply of feed.
  • Automatic egg collection equipment: Timely collection of eggs maintains cleanliness within the shed.
  • Automatic manure removal equipment: Automatically removes manure from the shed, maintaining a comfortable living environment.
  • Environmental control equipment: Includes temperature, humidity, and ventilation equipment to ensure the shed’s environment is suitable for the chickens.

3. Installation of Environmental Control System

  • Fans and water curtains are installed at a height of approximately 1.5 meters to regulate temperature and humidity within the shed.
  • Side vents are installed above the water curtains at a height of approximately 27 centimeters to enhance ventilation.

With the above design proposal, the available space within the shed is effectively utilized, improving poultry farming efficiency, and ensuring the chickens are provided with a favorable living environment, thereby enhancing egg production and quality.

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