30000 Layers In Chicken House Design

Livi Machinery, as chicken equipment supplier, has developed a comprehensive design proposal for a 30000 Layers In Chicken House Design.

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In response to the needs of poultry farmers in Zimbabwe, Livi Machinery has developed a comprehensive design proposal for a 30000 Layers In Chicken House Design. This proposal incorporates modern poultry farming techniques and utilizes H-type layer cages along with automated poultry equipment to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Chicken House Dimensions and Construction

The chicken house is constructed with dimensions of 90*12*4 meters. It provide ample space for the accommodation of 30,000 layers. It is designed as a closed-type structure to regulate environmental conditions and minimize the risk of disease transmission. The construction materials are chosen for their durability and insulation properties, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for the poultry.

Layer Cage Specification and Layout

The design features H-type layer cages with dimensions of 1200*625*480mm, each capable of housing 144 layers. With a total requirement of 210 sets of H-type layer cages, the layout ensures optimal space utilization within the chicken house. The H type layer cages are arranged in a systematic manner to facilitate ease of access for feeding, egg collection, and maintenance activities.

Automatic Poultry Equipment

The design incorporates state-of-the-art automatic poultry equipment to streamline farming operations and reduce labor requirements. This includes automated feeding systems, which deliver precise amounts of feed to the layers at regular intervals. It promote healthy growth and egg production. Additionally, automated manure removal systems ensure cleanliness and hygiene within the chicken house, contributing to overall flock health.

External Feed Storage Tower

To optimize feed management, a feed storage tower is installed outside the chicken house. This tower serves as a centralized storage facility for poultry feed, ensuring easy access and efficient distribution. The design of the tower prioritizes hygiene and protection against pests and environmental contaminants, preserving the quality of the feed.


The proposed design for a 30,000-layers in chicken house exemplifies Livi Machinery’s commitment to providing innovative and practical solutions for poultry farmers. By leveraging H-type layer cages and advanced automatic poultry equipment, this design offers significant advantages in terms of productivity, efficiency, and animal welfare. With careful planning and implementation, farmers in Zimbabwe can achieve sustainable success in the poultry industry with this comprehensive design proposal.

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