30,000 Layers Poultry Battery Cages For Sale in Philippines


Are you looking for top-quality poultry battery cages for sale? Livi Machinery has designed a comprehensive and efficient layer battery cage system in Philippines that is perfect for your poultry farming needs. Our innovative design and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you can raise up to 30,000 layers in a single poultry house with ease and efficiency.

Efficient Design for Maximum Capacity Of 30000 Layers

The poultry house measures 112 meters in length, 16 meters in width, and 3.5 meters in height. Within this space, we’ve strategically placed 188 sets of A-type 4-tier layer cages, arranged in four rows with 47 sets per row. Each cage set can comfortably house 160 layers, allowing for a total capacity of 30,080 layers. This design not only maximizes space but also ensures the well-being of the chickens. It provide them with adequate room and a conducive environment for egg production.

Advanced Livi Chicken Raising Equipment

To facilitate seamless operations, the poultry house is equipped with advanced automation poultry battery cages for sale and equipment. These include:

Automated Egg Collection System: This ensures that eggs are collected efficiently, reducing breakage and maintaining cleanliness.

Automated Feeding System: This system guarantees that all chickens are fed uniformly and on schedule. It promote healthy growth and consistent egg production.

Automated Manure Removal System: This keeps the cages clean and hygienic. It minimize the risk of disease and ensuring a healthy environment for the chickens.

Added Convenience with an Egg Storage Room

Understanding the needs of our clients, we also designed an egg storage room adjacent to the poultry house. This facility allows for easy sorting, packaging, and storage of eggs, making it more convenient for the farmer to manage their product and prepare it for sale.

Client Satisfaction and Successful Partnership

Our design and equipment have greatly satisfied the poultry farm owner from the Philippines. Impressed with the efficiency and the practicality of our solution, the farm owner has signed a contract with us to procure the necessary chicken raising equipment. This successful collaboration highlights our commitment to providing high-quality Livi chicken raising equipment that meets the specific needs of our clients.


If you’re in the Philippines and looking for reliable and efficient layer battery cage system in Philippines, Livi Machinery offers the best solutions. Our designs are tailored to maximize your poultry farming potential while ensuring the welfare of your chickens and the quality of your eggs.

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