32000 Layers In Chicken House Design

Chicken House size: 120*8*4M
Cage Type: H Type 4 Tiers Layer cage
Layer Cage accommodation:222 sets

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Livi Machinery offers an efficient chicken house design solution with the H-type 4-tier layer cages, designed to house 32,000 layers in a chicken house.

Chicken House Design and Cage Configuration

The chicken house measures 120 meters in length, 8 meters in width, and 4 meters in height. It accommodates 222 sets of H-type 4-tier layer cage, arranged in two rows of 111 sets each. Each cage set, measuring 1000 mm by 800 mm by 3000 mm, can hold 144 layers, ensuring a total capacity of 32,000 hens.

Automated Chicken Farming Equipment

To enhance efficiency and reduce labor, the chicken house features:

Automated Feeding System: Ensures consistent feed distribution.

Automated Manure Removal System: Maintains cleanliness and reduces disease risk.

Automated Egg Collection System: Gently collects and transports eggs to a central point, minimizing damage.



Livi Machinery’s H-type 4-tier layer cage system maximizes space and productivity while integrating automated systems for feeding, manure removal, and egg collection. This setup enhances efficiency, reduces labor costs, and improves overall poultry management, making it ideal for large-scale egg production.

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