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45360 Chickens in Poultry House Design

Poultry House Dimensions: 85*12*4.2M
Egg Storage Dimensions: 15*6M

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Poultry House Dimensions: 85*12*4.2M

Egg Storage Dimensions: 15*6M

Livi Machinery presents a state-of-the-art poultry house design tailored for the optimal rearing of 45360 laying hens. The design incorporates advanced automation and efficient use of space to ensure maximum productivity and minimal manual labor. Below are the key features and specifications of the poultry house and associated equipment.

Poultry House Specifications

Dimensions: The poultry house measures 85 meters in length, 12 meters in width, and 4.2 meters in height. This spacious design accommodates a large number of chickens while ensuring adequate airflow and environmental control.

H-Type Layer Cages: The poultry house is equipped with 168 sets of H-type layer cages, arranged in 4 rows with each row containing 42 sets. These cages are specifically designed to house laying hens efficiently and comfortably.

H-Type Layer Cage

Capacity: Each H-type layer cage can house 270 laying hens. With 5 tiers per cage set, this configuration maximizes the use of vertical space within the poultry house.

Dimensions: Each H-type 5-tier cage set measures 1800*1250*3610 mm, providing ample space for the hens while facilitating easy access for feeding and egg collection.

poultry house design

Automatic Chicken Equipment

Livi Machinery’s poultry house design is fully automated, integrating several advanced systems to streamline operations and reduce labor costs.

Automated Feeding System: This system ensures consistent and efficient distribution of feed to all hens. The automated feeders are programmed to deliver precise amounts of feed at scheduled intervals, promoting healthy growth and egg production.

Automated Egg Collection System: Eggs are collected automatically and transported directly to the adjacent egg storage area. This eliminates the need for manual egg collection, reducing labor costs and minimizing the risk of egg damage.

Automated Manure Removal System: The poultry house features an automated manure removal system that includes transverse and slanted manure belts. These belts transport manure out of the poultry house efficiently, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for the hens.

Environmental Control

The poultry house is equipped with advanced environmental control systems to maintain optimal living conditions for the hens.

Ventilation: Proper airflow is maintained through strategically placed fans and ventilation ducts, ensuring fresh air circulation and temperature control.

Heating and Cooling: Automated systems regulate the temperature within the poultry house, providing a comfortable environment for the hens regardless of external weather conditions.

Lighting: Automated lighting systems mimic natural daylight cycles, promoting healthy laying patterns and overall well-being of the hens.

Egg Storage

The adjacent egg storage area measures 15 meters by 6 meters, providing ample space for sorting, packaging, and storing eggs. The automated egg collection system directly connects to this storage area, facilitating seamless transfer and minimizing handling.


Livi Machinery’s poultry house design represents the pinnacle of modern poultry farming technology. By integrating advanced automation and efficient design principles, this poultry house ensures optimal productivity, reduced labor costs, and a high standard of animal welfare. The capacity to house 45360 laying hens in a controlled and automated environment makes it an ideal solution for large-scale egg producers looking to maximize efficiency and profitability.

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