60000 Layers In Poultry House Design

Our specialized poultry house design integrates advanced equipment and thoughtful layout considerations to ensure the welfare of 60,000 layers while maximizing output.

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Poultry farming continues to be a vital sector in meeting global demands for protein-rich food. Livi Machinery presents a cutting-edge solution tailored for enhanced efficiency and productivity in layer production. Our specialized poultry house design integrates advanced equipment and thoughtful layout considerations to ensure the welfare of 60,000 layers while maximizing output.

Poultry House Dimensions: Providing Ample Space for Thriving Flocks

The foundation of our poultry house design lies in spacious accommodation. The poultry house spans 100 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and stands 4 meters tall. This design prioritizes the well-being of the chickens, offering ample room for movement and natural behavior expression while facilitating resource optimization.

H-Type Layer Cage: Enhancing Housing Efficiency

Central to our approach are H-type layer cage, renowned for their functionality and space utilization. Each cage, boasting five tiers and two doors, accommodates up to 160 chickens. With 375 sets of these cages strategically positioned within the facility, totaling 60,000 layers, our layout ensures efficient management and accessibility.

Layer Battery Cage Layout: Promoting Ease of Management

In our design, the 375 sets of H-type layer cage are thoughtfully arranged in five rows, with 75 sets per row. This arrangement prioritizes ease of access and streamlined operations. It allow for efficient monitoring and care, ultimately enhancing the welfare and productivity of the layers.

Automatic Poultry Equipment: Revolutionizing Farming Practices

Embracing automation, our design integrates state-of-the-art poultry equipment to optimize every aspect of farming:

Automated Feeding System: Ensuring consistent nutrition for the layers, our automated feeding system eliminates manual intervention. It promote optimal feed conversion ratios and flock health.

Automated Manure Removal System: By efficiently managing waste, our system maintains cleanliness and hygiene within the poultry house. It reduce labor requirements and minimizing disease risks.

Automated Egg Collection System: Our egg collection system streamlines the harvesting process. It save time and labor costs while ensuring the careful handling of eggs to maintain quality.

Environmental Control Equipment: To create an optimal living environment for the layers, our equipment regulates temperature, humidity, and ventilation within the poultry house. It promote comfort and maximizing productivity.


Livi Machinery’s specialized poultry house design stands as a testament to innovation in layer production. By integrating advanced equipment and thoughtful layout considerations, we aim to enhance efficiency, productivity, and the welfare of layers. We contribute to sustainable and profitable poultry farming practices.

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