A Type Layer Cages To Raising 20000 Chickens In Zambia


In the realm of modern poultry farming, technological advancements continue to usher in innovation and convenience for agriculture. Recently, Livi Machinery has achieved a notable milestone by successfully completing a project in Zambia, utilizing A-type layer cages to raise 20,000 chickens in Zambia. This achievement signifies a new era in the agricultural sector, emphasizing efficient and sustainable solutions for poultry farming.

Livi Machinery’s Layers battery Cage to raising 20000 chickens

Livi Machinery has long been committed to providing advanced farming equipment globally, and the successful implementation of the chicken layer cages in Zambia reaffirms its leading position in the poultry industry. The project, involving the cultivation of 20,000 layers, has brought about transformative changes to the local agriculture scene.

Through meticulous planning and design, Livi Machinery provided a comprehensive solution for the A-type layer cages to raising 20000 chickens in Zambia Project. This solution not only addresses the ecological needs of the chickens but also optimally utilizes space, maximizing production efficiency. High-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure the durability and longevity of the equipment.

Chicken Cage type: A type chicken layer cage in Zambia
Number of cage layers: 4 tiers
Cage size: 1950*450*410mm
Chicken house size: 90*10*3M
Number of cages required: 120 sets of A Type layer cages
Cage in the chicken house: 3 rows, each row 40 sets of chicken cage

Breeding 20,000 laying hens chicken equipment summary: A type layer cage, egg collection equipment, manure removal equipment, feeding equipment, tower and so on.

Features of Chicken Layer Cages in Zambia

The A-type chicken layer cages represent an advanced and economically efficient design, featuring:

High space utilization: The A-type design allows for more chickens to be raised in limited space, maximizing the capacity of the chicken house.

Intensive management: Through strategic layout and equipment configuration, farmers can easily implement intensive management practices, enhancing production efficiency.

Superior hygiene conditions: The design of A-type cages considers the natural habits of the chickens, ensuring excellent hygiene conditions and minimizing the spread of diseases.

Convenient observation and maintenance: With a simple structure and well-equipped features, farmers can easily observe the growth of chickens and perform timely maintenance.

layers battery cage to raising 20000 chickens in Zambia

Successful Application of A-Type Layer Cages to raising 20000 chickens in Zambia

In practical application in Zambia, Livi Machinery’s layers battery cage have demonstrated outstanding performance. Farmers have reported increased egg production and more convenient management and maintenance practices. The efficient production model has generated significant economic returns for local agriculture, elevating the standard of living for farmers.

Overall, Livi Machinery’s successful completion of the A-type chicken layer cages project in Zambia injects new vitality into local agriculture. The lessons learned from this successful project will serve as valuable insights for other poultry farmers, propelling the modernization and sustainable development of agriculture. Livi Machinery will continue its dedication to developing more advanced farming equipment, contributing further to global agriculture.

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