Poultry Cages For Sale In Kenya To Raising 10000 Layers


In the bustling poultry farming industry of Kenya, efficient equipment is paramount for success. Livi Mechanical, renowned for its innovative solutions, recently secured a deal with a Kenyan poultry farmer aiming use poultry cages for sale in Kenya to raise 10,000 layers. Let’s delve into the details of this successful transaction and explore the advantages of Livi’s poultry cages and automated farm equipment.

Client Needs and Livi Response

Understanding the Requirements

The client, a poultry farmer from Kenya, sought a comprehensive solution for housing 10,000 egg-laying hens. With a semi-enclosed chicken house measuring 74x8x3.5 meters, the challenge was to optimize space while ensuring maximum productivity.

Tailored Solution

Livi Mechanical proposed the utilization of A-type egg chicken cages, each accommodating 160 hens. A total of 64 sets of these cages were recommended, arranged in two rows for efficient management. Additionally, Livi suggested the integration of automated feeding and waste removal systems to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Advantages of Livi Chicken Cages And Automatic Poultry Farm Equipment

Optimized Space Utilization

Livi chicken cages are designed to maximize space within the chicken house. With four tiers and five doors, these livi chicken cages provide ample room for the hens while minimizing the footprint of the housing structure.

Enhanced Comfort and Hygiene

The A-type chicken cage design ensures optimal ventilation and lighting, creating a comfortable environment for the hens to thrive. Additionally, the easy-to-clean surfaces of the livi chicken cages promote hygiene, reducing the risk of disease and improving overall flock health.

Efficient Feeding System

Livi’s automated feeding system utilizes a dual-row gantry-style feeder. And it ensure uniform distribution of feed to all sections of the chicken house. This not only minimizes feed wastage but also promotes uniform growth and egg production among the hens.

Streamlined Waste Management

The integration of a flat-belt-type manure removal system beneath the A-type cages facilitates swift and efficient waste removal. By automating this process, Livi Mechanical reduces the need for manual labor and ensures a clean and hygienic environment for the hens.

Successful Deal and Competitive Pricing

Sealing the Deal

Upon receiving the customized farming plan and quotation from Livi Mechanical, the Kenyan poultry farmer swiftly moved to finalize the order. Despite evaluating quotes from multiple automatic poultry farm equipment manufacturers, Livi’s offer stood out as the most competitive. The quality of Livi’s automatic poultry farm equipment matched or even exceeded that of its competitors, making it the preferred choice for the client.

Quality and Price Advantage

Livi Mechanical’s poultry cages for sale in Kenya and automatic poultry farm equipment offer a unique combination of superior quality and competitive pricing. The client’s decision to choose Livi over other suppliers underscores the trust and confidence placed in the brand.


The successful partnership between Livi Mechanical and the Kenyan poultry farmer exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. With top-quality poultry cages for sale in Kenya and automated farm equipment, Livi Mechanical continues to set the standard for excellence in the poultry farming industry.

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