Price Of Chicken Cages In Uganda To Raising 120000 Birds


In a remarkable display of innovation and expertise, Livi Machinery has successfully partnered with a Ugandan poultry farmer to design and price of chicken cages in Uganda to raising 120000 birds. This collaboration not only highlights the superior quality of Livi Machinery’s automatic chicken equipment but also underscores their commitment to providing comprehensive, professional services to farmers worldwide.

The project encompasses a large-scale poultry farm with dimensions of 100 by 120 meters, meticulously divided into six identical chicken houses, each measuring 65 by 10 by 4 meters. These chicken houses are dedicated to raising 60,000 egg-laying hens and 60,000 broiler chickens, utilizing advanced poultry battery cages for sale and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.

Superior Equipment for Egg-Laying Hens

Livi Machinery supplied H-type poultry battery cages for sale, specially designed for egg-laying hens, each accommodating 160 birds. For the egg-laying segment of the farm, three chicken houses were equipped with a total of 378 sets of these cages, organized into three rows of 42 sets per house. This arrangement supports up to 20,160 hens per house. It ensure that the farm can meet its goal of raising 60,000 hens with a potential capacity of 60,480 hens, thus providing a buffer for growth and ensuring robust production capabilities.

The automated systems include:

Automated Feeding Equipment: Ensures uniform distribution of feed, reducing waste and optimizing nutrition.

Automated Manure Removal Systems: Employs conveyor belts to transport manure directly to the processing area. It maintain cleanliness and reducing labor costs.

Automated Egg Collection Systems: Streamlines egg collection, minimizing damage and ensuring higher quality eggs.

Environmental Control Equipment: Maintains optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality, crucial for the health and productivity of the hens.

Advanced Solutions for Broiler Chickens

For broiler chickens, Livi Machinery provided a similar poultry battery cages for sale, each set capable of housing 136 birds. The three chicken houses designated for broilers were fitted with a total of 486 sets of cages, arranged in three rows of 54 sets per house. This setup allows each house to support up to 22,032 broilers, with a combined capacity of 66,096 broilers across the three houses.

The broiler segment also benefits from:

Automated Feeding Systems: Ensures consistent and efficient feeding.

Automated Manure Removal Systems: Keeps the environment clean and reduces disease risks.

Environmental Control Systems: Provides a stable environment, crucial for the fast growth and health of the broilers.

Comprehensive Support Facilities

The poultry farm design includes several essential support facilities:

Manure Processing Area: Facilitates efficient manure management and utilization.

Egg Storage Facility: Ensures safe and optimal storage conditions for eggs.

Feed Processing Area: Equipped with feed mixers to produce high-quality feed on-site.

Office and Staff Living Quarters: Provides comfortable and functional spaces for the farm’s management and workers.


This project is a testament to Livi Machinery’s excellence in providing high-quality automatic chicken equipment and comprehensive support services. The poultry farmer’s decision to partner with Livi Machinery has resulted in a highly efficient and productive farm capable of raising 120,000 birds price of chicken cages in Uganda. This collaboration showcases the potential of modern poultry farming techniques and the significant benefits of investing in advanced, automated systems. With Livi Machinery’s expertise, the farmer is well-positioned to achieve sustainable success and contribute significantly to the poultry industry in Uganda.

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