Project Of 30000 Chickens Battery Cage For Sale In South Africa


In a recent success story, Livi Machinery facilitated the Project Of 30000 Chickens Battery Cage For Sale In South Africa to a client. This client had already constructed a sturdy steel-framed chicken house and sought Livi Machinery’s expertise in equipping it for housing and managing a large-scale layer chicken operation. The client specifically requested automation in the chicken house to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Selecting the Perfect Chicken Cage Solution

Livi Machinery recommended the use of an H-type battery cage system for housing the 30,000 layer chickens. Each cage measured 1200*625*480mm and could accommodate 144 chickens. To house 30,000 chickens, the client needed 210 sets of layer cage system. These chickens battery cage for sale were arranged in the chicken house in three rows, with 70 sets per row. It ensure optimal space utilization and ease of management.

30000 Chickens Battery Cage For Sale In South Africa

Integration of Automated Poultry Equipment

Responding to the client’s automation requirements, Livi Machinery equipped the chicken house with state-of-the-art automated poultry equipment in South Africa. This included automated egg collection systems, automatic manure removal systems, and automated feeding systems. These technologies streamlined the chicken farming process, reducing labor costs and ensuring consistent and efficient operations.

Achieving Optimal Results

After a period of implementation and operation, the client experienced significant improvements in their chicken farming operation. The utilization of Livi Machinery’s automated poultry equipment in South Africa resulted in enhanced efficiency and productivity. Notably, the client achieved a hatchability rate of below 0.3%, a testament to the precision and effectiveness of the automated layer cage system provided by Livi Machinery.


The successful implementation of a 30,000 chickens battery cage for sale in South Africa showcases the effectiveness of Livi Machinery’s solutions in large-scale poultry farming operations. By providing the client with a tailored combination of layer cage system and advanced automation technology. Livi Machinery helped optimize productivity, streamline operations, and achieve remarkable results in chicken farming. This case study highlights the potential for leveraging innovative poultry equipment in South Africa to drive success in the agricultural sector.

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