10,000 Birds Layer Chicken Cage System In Kazakhstan


In the Kazakh region, aquaculture has always been an important part of the local economy. However, the traditional farming methods often have problems such as large land area and high labor cost, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of breeding for farmers. With the development of science and technology, chicken breeding technology is also booming. livi Poultry Breeding Company provides chicken raising equipment to help farmers improve breeding efficiency and reduce breeding costs.

Customer demand

A chicken farmer from Kazakhstan, introduced by a friend, approached livi Poultry and told us what he wanted. He wants to consult on the scheme of equipping 10,000 birds layer chicken cage system. Because he didn’t want to hire too many breeding staff to run the chicken coop with him, he wanted a fully automated configuration that kept up with The Times.

Design scheme

After careful consideration by the professionals at livi, an optimal solution was selected. Equipped 10,000 birds layer chicken cage system with A-type layer cage system.

A type layer cage system adopts advanced breeding technology, which has the characteristics of small floor area and saving manpower. Compared with traditional farming methods, the A-type layer cage can raise more layer chicken in a limited space, thereby increasing the breeding density and reducing the footprint. At the same time, the A-type layer cage also adopts a humanized design, which makes the life of the layer more comfortable in the cage, so as to ensure the health and egg production of the layer.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of farmers who want to automate farming methods, livi company equipped a series of automatic raising equipment for farmer’ chicken coop, including egg collection equipment, manure removal equipment, automatic feeding equipment.

Equipped with automatic raising equipment is the key to further improve the efficiency of breeding. Through automatic raising equipment, management measures such as automatic chicken feeding, automatic cleaning of feces and automatic egg collection can be realized for laying hens, which greatly reduces labor costs. Farmers only need to check the operation of the equipment regularly to achieve efficient farming. This not only improves the efficiency of breeding, but also reduces the cost of breeding, so that farmers get real benefits.

Customer feedback

In the farmer in Kazakhstan, our solution has been widely used and praised. The customer said that after the use of A-type layer cage and automatic raising equipment, the breeding effect has been significantly improved, and the economic benefits have also been significantly improved. He believes that this farming method conforms to the cultural background of Kazakh farming and meets the needs of modern farming, which is the right direction for the development of aquaculture.


Through the use of A-type layer cage and automatic raising equipment, the chicken farmer in the Kazakh region not only solve the problem of floor space and labor costs, but also improve the efficiency of farming and achieve economic benefits. This solution has a wide application prospect in the Kazakh region and will inject new vitality into the development of the local aquaculture industry.

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