10000 Layers Chicken Battery Cage For Sale In Zambia


Livi Machinery is proud to present a comprehensive poultry farming solution for a client, aiming to raise 10,000 layers chicken battery cage for sale in Zambia. We provide top-notch poultry equipment, including A type layer cages, drinking systems, and other necessary accessories to ensure a successful poultry farming venture.

10000 Layers Chicken Farming Project Details

The project involves raising 10,000 laying hens in a semi-enclosed chicken house, with dimensions of 80*13*3.5 meters. This structure provides ample space for the hens to thrive while ensuring optimal conditions for egg production.

10000 Layers Chicken Farming Design

Livi Machinery has designed an efficient 3-tier A type layer chicken cage system to accommodate 10,000 laying hens. Each set of A type layer cage houses 96 chickens, and a total of 105 sets are utilized in the facility. The cages are arranged in 3 rows, with 35 sets per row, optimizing space and ensuring easy management.

Free Design Solutions by Livi Machinery

Livi Machinery offers free design solutions for poultry farming projects, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our team of experts works closely with farmers to understand their needs and provide customized solutions that maximize productivity and efficiency.

Advantages of Livi Machinery’s Poultry Equipment in Zambia

Our poultry equipment, including A type layer cages, is designed to provide numerous benefits for farmers in Zambia and worldwide. Some advantages include:

High-quality materials: Our cages are made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Optimal space utilization: The 3-tier design allows for efficient use of space, enabling farmers to raise more chickens in a smaller area.

Easy management: The cage system is designed for easy access and maintenance, allowing farmers to manage their flock more effectively.

Enhanced egg production: The comfortable and stress-free environment provided by our cages promotes higher egg production rates.

    Chicken Battery Cages for Sale to Farmers Worldwide

    Livi Machinery is not only committed to serving farmers in Zambia but also exports our high-quality poultry equipment to clients worldwide. We offer a wide range of chicken battery cage for sale, including A type layer cage, suitable for various farming sizes and requirements.


    Livi Machinery is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable poultry farming solutions to clients in Zambia and across the globe. Our A type layer cage and other poultry equipment are designed to maximize productivity, efficiency, and profitability for farmers.

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