129 Sets Of Chicken Cages In Tanzania


A farmer from Tanzania bought 129 sets of chicken cages from livi Machinery

129 sets of chicken cages of sale in Tanzania

The specifications of the 129 sets of chicken cages purchased by a chicken farmer from Tanzania are as follows:


A-type 4 layer 5 door laying cage

129 sets of chicken cages supporting facilities

The chicken farmer also purchased 129 sets of chicken cages supporting facilities from livi Machinery, including: including:

Chicken drinking water equipment: including water pipe water tank, etc.

Chicken drinking water equipment can provide a continuous clean water source for the chickens in the coop.

Chicken feeding equipment: including troughs, feeders, mixers, etc.

Chicken feeding equipment can improve breeding efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Chicken manure cleaning equipment: including host, scraper, etc.

Chicken manure removal equipment keeps the coop clean and reduces morbidity in the flock.

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