20,000 Chicken Layer Battery Cages In Tanzania


Tanzania has a high demand for eggs and chicken, so Tanzania attaches great importance to poultry farming.

Livi Machinery company can provide farmers with complete chicken equipment, including chicken cage, automatic feeding and drinking equipment, automatic egg collection equipment and so on.

20,000 chicken layer battery cages specifications

A chicken farmer from Tanzania contacted livi Machinery and told us about his needs.

He wants 20,000 chicken layer battery cages. The professional technicians of Livi Machinery company chose a breeding cage for him with 20,000 laying hens.

Layer cage selection of 1950mm*420mm*460mm A-type layer battery cage. The cage has four floors and five doors.

The A-type layer battery layer cage is simple in structure and convenient in operation. The chicken farmer is pleased with the A-type layer battery cage.

Facilities of 20,000 chicken layer battery cages

A-type layer battery cage automation equipment can be highly selective.

According to customer demand, livi Machinery company has equipped chicken drinking water equipment for the cage. This is a necessary equipment for poultry cages.

In addition, the chicken farmer also adds automatic chicken feeding devices from Livi Machinery, mainly automatic chicken feeders and feed mixers.

The configuration of automatic chicken feeding device improves work efficiency and saves labor cost. At the same time, the device of the feed mixer can also reduce the feed cost to a certain extent.

In order to keep the chicken house clean, the chicken farmer also chose a scraper manure cleaning system. This further deepens the degree of automation of the coop.

The chicken farmer’s poultry business is booming. Livi believes the farmer will soon reap the benefits of raising chickens.

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