30000 Layers In Poultry House Design

The design proposal for 30000 Layers In Poultry House Design integrates innovative solutions and strategic planning.

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In the endeavor to maximize efficiency and productivity in poultry farming, the design proposal for 30000 Layers In Poultry House Design integrates innovative solutions and strategic planning. With a focus on utilizing H-type layer cage and implementing automated poultry equipment, this design aims to streamline operations while ensuring the well-being and performance of the flock.

Poultry House Specifications

The poultry house dimensions are set at 60 meters in length, 13 meters in width, and 4 meters in height, providing ample space for the optimal housing of 30,000 layers. The layout of the poultry house is carefully planned to facilitate efficient workflow and ventilation. And it promote a conducive environment for poultry growth and egg production.

H-Type Layer Cage Utilization

To accommodate the specified number of layers, 160 sets of H-type layer cages are installed within the poultry house. Each H-type layer cage is designed with 4 tiers and 4 doors, allowing for the housing of 192 layers per set. With a total of 160 sets of H-type layer cages, the poultry house can house up to 30,720 layers, surpassing the target population.

The arrangement of the H-type layer cages within the poultry house follows a layout of 4 rows, with each row containing 40 sets of cages. This configuration optimizes space utilization and accessibility for efficient management and monitoring of the flock.

Automation Integration

The poultry house is equipped with state-of-the-art automatic poultry equipment to streamline various aspects of farm operations. Automated egg collection systems, feces removal systems, and feeding systems are strategically installed to minimize manual labor and enhance efficiency.

Automatic Egg Collection System: Integrated conveyor belts and collection trays efficiently gather eggs from the layer cages. It reduce the need for manual egg collection and minimizing the risk of damage.

Automatic Feces Removal System: Utilizing conveyor belts and scraping mechanisms, the automated feces removal system swiftly removes waste from the poultry house, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Automatic Feeding System: Precisely calibrated feed dispensers ensure accurate and timely distribution of feed to the layers. It optimize nutrient intake and promoting healthy growth and egg production.


The design proposal for a 30000 Layers In Poultry House Design embodies a commitment to efficiency, productivity, and animal welfare. By leveraging H-type layer cages and integrating automatic poultry equipment, this 30000 layers in poultry house design not only maximizes space utilization. And but also it enhances operational efficiency and resource management. With careful planning and implementation, this poultry house serves as a model of excellence in modern poultry farming practices. It pave the way for sustainable growth and success in the industry.

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