How Big Is Land Needed To Raising 30000 Layers Automatic Chicken Cage


When planning to raise 30,000 layers using automatic chicken cage, it’s crucial to understand the space requirements for efficient and productive poultry farming. This article will provide an in-depth look at how much land is needed for such an operation, focusing on the H Type Layer Cage system provided by Livi poultry farm equipment.

Understanding the H Type Layer Cage System

The H Type Layer Cage system is a highly efficient and space-saving solution for large-scale poultry farming. Each cage unit has dimensions of 1200mm * 625mm * 480mm and can house 144 layers. This design optimizes space usage while ensuring the well-being of the chickens.

Calculating the Land Requirement

To determine the total space required for raising 30,000 layers, we need to break down the numbers:

Total Number of Cages Needed:

    Each H Type Layer Cage houses 144 layers.

    For 30,000 layers: 30000 layers/ 144 layers= 209 sets of chicken cages.

    Total Floor Space for H type Layer Cage:

      Each cage has a floor area of 1200mm * 625mm = 0.75 square meters.

      Total floor space for 209 cages: 209 cages×0.75 square meters per cage≈157.5 square meters.

      However, this is just the cage area. We must also consider the space for aisles, feeding systems, egg collection systems, walkways, and other necessary infrastructure.

      Estimating Additional Space:

        Typically, an additional 30-50% of the cage area is required for these facilities.

        Assuming an additional 40%, the total space needed: 157.5 square meters×1.4≈220.5 square meters.

        Optimizing Poultry House Design

        While the total area calculated above provides a basic estimate, it’s important to design the poultry house efficiently to maximize space utilization and ensure easy management. The layout should include:

        Aisles and Walkways: Sufficient space for staff to move around and manage the layers.

        Ventilation Systems: Proper ventilation to maintain a healthy environment.

        Feeding and Watering Systems: Efficient placement of automated feeding and watering systems to ensure all layers have access.

        Egg Collection Systems: Streamlined egg collection to improve productivity and reduce labor.

        The Advantages of Livi Poultry Farm Equipment

        Livi Machinery’s poultry farm equipment, particularly the H Type Layer Cage system, offers numerous advantages for large-scale poultry farmers:

        Space Efficiency: Maximizes the number of layers in a given area, reducing the land requirement.

        Durability: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-term use and reliability.

        Automation: Features automated systems for feeding, watering, and egg collection, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

        Chicken Well-being: Designed to provide ample space and comfort for the layers, promoting better health and higher productivity.


        For raising 30,000 layers using the H Type automatic chicken cage system from Livi Machinery, you would need approximately 220.5 square meters of space for the cages and necessary infrastructure. This efficient and innovative solution not only saves space but also enhances productivity and profitability.

        Investing in Livi poultry farm equipment ensures that you have access to top-quality, reliable, and efficient poultry farming solutions, making it the smart choice for your poultry farming needs.

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