Poultry Flooring System To Raising 10000 Broilers In Nigeria


Livi Machinery is delighted to offer a comprehensive broiler farming solution tailored for Nigerian poultry farmers. With our expertise in poultry equipment and innovative design solutions, we present a Poultry Flooring System To Raising 10000 Broilers In Nigeria within a spacious and efficient chicken house environment.

Design Solution for 10,000 Broilers Poultry Flooring System

Chicken House Size: The proposed barn measures 100 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 2.5 meters in height, providing ample space for the optimal growth and movement of broilers.

Density: With a stocking density of 15 broilers per square meter, the barn efficiently utilizes available space to accommodate the target population of 10,000 broilers.

Layout: The barn will be equipped with three feeding lines and four water lines, strategically arranged to ensure uniform distribution of feed and water throughout the facility. These lines will intersect at intervals of 1.2 meters, maximizing accessibility for the broilers.

Spacing: Feeding trays will be spaced 0.75 meters apart, while drinking nozzles will be positioned at intervals of 0.25 meters. It allow for easy access to feed and water for every broiler.

Advantages of Broiler Floor System

Space Efficiency: Ground-based farming optimizes space utilization, allowing for the accommodation of a large broiler population within a relatively compact barn footprint.

Improved Welfare: Ample space and access to feed and water promote the welfare and health of broilers, ensuring optimal growth rates and overall well-being.

Enhanced Efficiency: The integration of automated feeding and drinking systems streamlines farm operations. It reduce labor requirements and ensure consistent provision of essential resources to the broilers.

Cost-effectiveness: Ground-based broiler farming offers a cost-effective solution for poultry production, maximizing returns on investment while minimizing operational expenses.

Automatic Broiler Feeder and Poultry Drinking Systems in Nigeria

Livi Machinery provides state-of-the-art automatic broiler feeders and poultry drinking systems in Nigeria, designed to meet the specific needs of modern poultry farms.

Our automatic broiler feeder and poultry drinking systems in Nigeria ensure precise and timely delivery of feed and water. It promote healthy growth and efficient feed conversion ratios among broilers.

With user-friendly controls and robust construction, our equipment is built to withstand the rigors of commercial poultry farming. It provide reliable performance and long-term durability.


Livi Machinery is proud to present a ground-based broiler farming solution tailored for Nigerian poultry farmers. Our comprehensive design proposal, coupled with advanced poultry equipment, offers a sustainable and efficient approach to broiler floor system. It enable farmers to achieve their production goals with ease and confidence. With Livi Machinery as your partner, success in broiler farming is within reach.

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