45360 Chickens Layer Battery Cage System Price in Nigeria


Livi Machinery is proud to announce the successful design and sale of 45360 Chickens Layer Battery Cage System Price in Nigeria for a poultry farm owner. This comprehensive setup is designed to house 45360 laying hens and includes a full suite of automated equipment to ensure efficient and effective poultry farming.

45360 Chickens Layer Battery Cage System Design

Livi Machinery has recently designed a state-of-the-art poultry house for a Nigerian poultry farmer, capable of housing 45360 laying hens. The poultry house, measuring 85*12*4.2 meters in height, is designed for optimal space utilization and efficient management.

The poultry house employs H-type layer cages, which are arranged in 4 rows with each row containing 42 sets of cages. Each set of H-type 5-tier layer cages can accommodate 270 hens, resulting in a total capacity of 45360 hens. These cages measure 1800*1250*3610 mm, ensuring ample space and comfort for the hens while facilitating ease of access for feeding and egg collection.

poultry house design

Application and Advantages of the Layer Cage System

The H-type layer cage system provided by Livi Machinery is equipped with advanced automation, enhancing productivity and reducing labor costs. Key features include:

Automated Feeding System: This system ensures precise and consistent feeding schedules, promoting healthy growth and maximizing egg production.

Automated Egg Collection System: Eggs are automatically collected and transported directly to the adjacent egg storage area (15*6 meters). This process eliminates the need for manual collection, reducing labor and minimizing egg damage.

Automated Manure Removal System: The poultry house includes a transverse and slanted manure belt system that efficiently transports manure out of the poultry house. It maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Environmental Control Systems: Advanced systems for ventilation, temperature control, and lighting ensure optimal living conditions for the hens. And it enhance their well-being and productivity.

Layer Cage Price in Nigeria

Livi Machinery offers competitive pricing for their high-quality layer cage systems in Nigeria. The price reflects the advanced technology and robust construction of the cages, which are designed to withstand the Nigerian climate and farming conditions. By investing in Livi’s layer cage systems, Nigerian poultry farmers can achieve higher productivity and lower operational costs, leading to increased profitability.

Customer Satisfaction

The Nigerian poultry farmer who adopted Livi Machinery’s design and equipment has expressed high satisfaction with the outcome. The fully automated poultry house has streamlined operations, significantly reduced labor costs, and improved the overall efficiency of the farm. The farmer particularly appreciated the H-type layer cages for their durability and the automated systems for their reliability and ease of use.

In conclusion, Livi Machinery’s comprehensive poultry house design and advanced layer cage systems offer an excellent solution for large-scale poultry farming in Nigeria. With a capacity to house 45360 laying hens and featuring full automation. These layer battery cage system enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve farm management. Nigerian poultry farmers can greatly benefit from the innovative and cost-effective solutions provided by Livi Machinery.

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