15000 Layers Farming Poultry Cage For Sale In Ghana


Livi Machinery stands as a leading provider of poultry farming equipment and solutions, renowned for its innovation and quality. Catering to the diverse needs of poultry farmers worldwide, Livi Machinery offers state-of-the-art equipment designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. One of our recent projects involves a Ghanaian client seeking comprehensive 15000 Layers Farming Poultry Cage For Sale In Ghana to optimize their operations.

Design and Equipment Specifications For 15000 Layers

Poultry House Specifications

To meet the specific needs of the Ghanaian client, Livi Machinery has designed a poultry house measuring 112*12*3 meters. This spacious structure accommodates A-Type 3-Tier Chicken Cage, totaling 156 sets. The layout arrangement features three rows, with 52 sets of A-Type 3 tiers chicken cage in each row. It ensure optimal space utilization and efficient management of the poultry.

Automated Poultry Farming Equipment

Automatic Feeding System:

Central to the efficiency of the poultry farm is the automatic feeding system. This system features traveling feed equipment paired with an 11-ton feed tower. The automated feeding system ensures a consistent and reliable distribution of feed. And it reduce manual labor and increasing the overall productivity of the farm.

Automatic Manure Removal System:

Another critical component of the automated setup is the manure removal system. This system includes a 2-meter wide, 0.4-0.6 meter deep manure pit and a scraper-type removal system. The automated manure removal system not only maintains cleanliness and hygiene in the poultry house but also significantly reduces the labor required for manual cleaning.

Customized Solutions for the Ghanaian Client

Tailored Poultry Farming Design

Livi Machinery’s approach to the Ghanaian project involved a custom-designed poultry housing layout and equipment setup tailored to the client’s specific needs. This bespoke design ensures that the poultry farming operations are optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Automated Poultry Farming Equipment

The introduction of automated equipment brings numerous benefits to the Ghanaian client’s poultry farm. The automated systems enhance efficiency, convenience, and labor-saving advantages. With features such as the automatic feeding system and automated manure removal system, the farm can operate more smoothly and effectively, reducing the reliance on manual labor and increasing overall output.

Professional Support and Expertise

Livi Machinery’s professional support and expertise play a crucial role in providing comprehensive poultry farming solutions. From the initial design phase to the installation and maintenance of the equipment, Livi Machinery offers continuous guidance and support, ensuring the client’s poultry farm operates at its best.


In summary, the tailored 15000 Layers Farming Poultry Cage For Sale In Ghana designed by Livi Machinery for the client exemplify Livi Machinery’s commitment to delivering high-quality 3 tiers chicken cage and personalized services. By providing a customized poultry housing layout and state-of-the-art automated equipment, Livi Machinery empowers poultry farmers to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in our operations. With our professional support and expertise, Livi Machinery continues to lead the way in transforming poultry farming solutions worldwide.

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