50000 Layers Poultry Battery Cages For Sale In Malaysia


The poultry farming industry in Malaysia is witnessing remarkable growth, driven by increasing demand for poultry products. To meet this demand, Livi Machinery is proud to offer comprehensive poultry farming solutions of 50000 layers poultry battery cages for sale in Malaysia tailored to the needs of farmers. In this article, we will explore Livi Machinery’s role in providing poultry battery cages and design solutions for a poultry farm capable of accommodating 50,000 egg-laying chickens.

Overview of the Project of 50000 Layers Poultry Battery Cages For Sale

For this project, the farmer aims to house 50,000 egg-laying chickens within a chicken house measuring 100*12*4 meters. Livi Machinery recommends the use of H-type poultry battery cages. And each measuring 1200*625*480mm, with five layers and two doors. With each set capable of accommodating 180 chickens, a total of 280 sets of poultry battery cages are required.


Poultry Battery Cages for Sale In Malaysia

The H-type chicken layer cages in Malaysia provided by Livi Machinery are designed to optimize space utilization while ensuring the comfort and well-being of the chickens. These chicken layer cages in Malaysia provide ample space for each bird to move freely, lay eggs comfortably, and access feed and water easily.

Arrangement of Poultry Battery Cages

To maximize space efficiency within the chicken house, the chicken layer cages in Malaysia are arranged in four rows, with 70 sets per row. This layout allows for efficient management of the flock and facilitates easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Automated Poultry Farming Equipment

In addition to the chicken layer cages, Livi Machinery provides a range of poultry farming equipment to enhance the efficiency of the poultry farm. This includes automated drinking water systems, feeding systems, manure removal systems, and environmental control systems. All of which contribute to optimizing productivity and minimizing labor costs.

Benefits of Livi Machinery’s Solution

By choosing Livi Machinery’s poultry farming solutions, farmers can enjoy increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved animal welfare, and sustainable farming practices. Our comprehensive approach ensures that farmers can achieve their production goals while maintaining high standards of quality and profitability.


Livi Machinery is committed to supporting the success of poultry farmers in Malaysia and beyond. Our range of poultry battery cages for sale and automated poultry farming equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern poultry farming operations.

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