20000 Chickens Layer Battery Cages For Sale In Philippines


Livi Machinery recently collaborated with a chicken farm owner in the Philippines to provide advanced layer battery cages for sale for the cultivation of 20,000 egg-laying chickens. This article outlines the integration of H-type layer battery cages and poultry automation equipment to modernize the farm’s operations and maximize efficiency.

Customer Requirements

The chicken farm owner expressed a desire for a high level of automation in the operation of their farm. With a chicken house under construction with dimensions of 55 meters in length, 10 meters in width, and 4 meters in height. The owner sought a solution that would optimize space utilization and streamline management processes.

Layer Battery Cages For Sale Selection

In response to the owner’s requirements, Livi Machinery recommended the installation of poultry layer cage Philippines. It renowned for their efficiency in housing large numbers of chickens within a limited space. Additionally, a comprehensive suite of automated poultry farming equipment was proposed. And It include automated feeding, watering, waste management, and environmental control systems.

Collaborative Process

During the construction phase of the chicken house, the farm owner reached out to Livi Machinery to finalize the design and implementation of the 20,000 chickens poultry layer cage Philippines. Working closely with the farm owner, Livi Machinery identified optimal placement for the poultry layer cage Philippines within the facility. It ensure seamless integration and maximum functionality.


Integration of Poultry Automation Equipment

The installation process involved the incorporation of automated feeding systems to ensure timely and precise distribution of feed to the chickens, automated watering systems for continuous access to clean water, and automated waste management systems to maintain cleanliness and hygiene within the facility. Additionally, environmental control systems were strategically positioned to regulate temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels. It create an optimal environment for chicken health and productivity.


Through the collaboration with Livi Machinery, the chicken farm owner in the Philippines successfully transformed their facility into a modernized chicken house capable of housing 20,000 egg-laying chickens. The integration of layer battery cages for sale and advanced poultry automation equipment has enhanced efficiency, productivity, and profitability while ensuring optimal welfare standards for the chickens.

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