10,000 Birds Farm Layer Cage System In Ghana


A chicken farmer in Ghana has purchased 10,000 birds farm layer cage system from livi Machinery, a specialist supplier of poultry farming equipment.

Customer needs

The chicken farmer in Ghana have chosen to partner with livi Machinery. He told us about his farming demands.
Planned breeding capacity: 10,000 laying hens
Chicken house size: 68M*8M*2.5M
Breeding tendency: fully automated breeding.

Poultry farming solution

Our company attaches great importance to this cooperation with Ghanaian farmers. The customer needed a design for his 10000 birds farm layer cage system. After receiving customers’ demands, professional technicians began to brainstorm. Finally, an optimal farming method was selected:
Cage type: A layer layer cage type
Cage specifications: 1950mm*450mm*410mm
Number of cages: 66 sets
Arrangement: Three rows, 22 sets per row
Total number of chickens that can be raised: 10,560

In view of the customer’s preference for fully automated farming, livi Poultry has equipped the following automated farming facilities after consultation with the customer:
Automatic driving feeding machine: easy to feed, reduce feed waste, save manpower;
Automatic egg collection equipment: reduce the broken egg rate, improve work efficiency, reduce labor expenditure;
Automatic flat belt cleaning manure equipment: keep the chicken house clean and reduce the morbidity of chickens.

Customer feedback

Customers were so pleased with our products that they sent us pictures of the coop to celebrate with us the establishment of the new coop.

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