32000 Birds Chicken Layer Cages For Sale In Zimbabwe


The poultry industry in Zimbabwe is experiencing significant growth, and with this growth comes a demand for efficient, scalable chicken farming solutions. Livi Machinery has responded to this demand by designing a state-of-the-art 32000 Birds Chicken Layer Cages For Sale In Zimbabwe tailored to meet the needs of a chicken farm owner.

Overview of the Chicken Layer Cage Design

The chicken house designed by Livi Machinery is impressive in size and functionality. Measuring 120 meters long, 8 meters wide, and 4 meters high, the facility is designed to optimize space and efficiency. The core of this system is the H-Type layer cages, each measuring 1000mm x 800mm x 3000mm and capable of housing 144 laying hens.

The layout of these chicken layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe is meticulously planned. They are arranged in two rows, with 111 sets of cages per row, totaling 222 sets of H type layer cages. This strategic placement allows the facility to house a staggering 32,000 laying hens, maximizing productivity while maintaining optimal conditions for the chickens.


Fully Automatic Poultry Farming Equipment

A key feature of this poultry farm is its automation. The integration of fully automatic poultry farming equipment streamlines operations and enhances efficiency significantly. The three main automated systems included are:

Automatic Feeding System: This system ensures that all chickens receive a consistent and sufficient supply of feed, which is crucial for maintaining high productivity and healthy hens. The automated feeding system reduces manual labor and ensures timely feeding, which helps in maintaining a steady egg production rate.

Automatic Manure Cleaning System: Hygiene is paramount in poultry farming, and this system plays a critical role in maintaining cleanliness. By automatically removing manure, the system reduces the risk of disease, improves air quality within the house, and decreases the labor required for manual cleaning. This contributes to a healthier environment for the chickens, thereby enhancing their overall well-being and productivity.

Automatic Egg Collection System: Efficient egg collection is vital for minimizing damage and loss. The automatic egg collection system ensures that eggs are gathered promptly and gently, reducing breakage and ensuring that more eggs make it from the hen to the market. This system not only saves labor but also increases the farm’s profitability by ensuring a higher quality and quantity of eggs.

    Advantages of the Fully Automated Poultry Farm

    The benefits of adopting a fully automatic poultry farming equipment are substantial:

    Increased Productivity: Automation leads to higher egg production rates due to consistent feeding, optimal living conditions, and efficient management of the chickens.

    Labor Efficiency: By reducing the need for manual labor, the farm can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Automation allows staff to focus on higher-value tasks rather than routine maintenance.

    Improved Sanitation: Automated manure cleaning enhances the cleanliness of the environment, which is critical for the health of the chickens and the quality of the eggs produced.

    Economic Benefits: The initial investment in automated systems is offset by long-term savings in labor costs and increased revenue from higher productivity and better-quality eggs. The return on investment is realized more quickly, making it a financially sound choice.


    Customer Satisfaction and Case Study

    The Zimbabwean client who received this poultry farming design has expressed high satisfaction with the solution provided by Livi Machinery. The client chose this design because it met their needs for a scalable, efficient, and modern poultry farming system. Since implementing the new system, the client has observed significant improvements in farm operations and productivity.

    Before the upgrade, the farm faced challenges with manual feeding, cleaning, and egg collection, which were labor-intensive and inefficient. Post-implementation, the automated systems have drastically reduced the workload and enhanced the overall efficiency of the farm. The client has reported higher egg production, improved chicken health, and better overall farm management.


    In conclusion, Livi Machinery’s advanced chicken layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe represents a significant leap forward for chicken farmers. By integrating H-type layer cages and comprehensive automation, this system offers unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and economic benefits. Poultry farmers looking to modernize their operations and increase their productivity should consider this innovative solution. With such advanced technology, the future of poultry farming in Zimbabwe looks promising and prosperous.

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