40000 Layers Poultry Battery Cages For Sale In Tanzania


Poultry farming in Tanzania is a vital sector contributing to food security and economic development. To ensure optimal egg production, efficient housing is paramount. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive plan for housing 40000 Layers Poultry Battery Cages For Sale In Tanzania.

Poultry House Specifications

The proposed poultry house boasts dimensions of 75*15*4 meters, providing ample space for the operation. To maximize space utilization and ensure the well-being of the layers, we opt for H-type layer battery cages. Each chicken cages Tanzania is designed with 4 tiers and 2 doors, accommodating up to 144 layers per cage. With a total requirement of 280 sets of layer battery cage system, this setup promises efficient egg production.

Equipment Requirements

In addition to the layer battery cage system, the poultry house will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to streamline operations. This includes 5 sets of automated feeding systems and 5 sets of automated manure removal systems, ensuring optimal feeding and hygiene management. Environmental control equipment will regulate temperature and ventilation, creating a conducive environment for the layers. Furthermore, feed silos and other necessary infrastructure will be incorporated to support seamless operations.

Poultry Farmers in Tanzania

This comprehensive setup is tailored to meet the needs of poultry farmers in Tanzania. By embracing layer battery cage system, farmers can experience increased efficiency and productivity in egg production. Moreover, the improved living conditions provided by these chicken cages Tanzania contribute to the overall well-being of the layers, ultimately enhancing the quality of the produce.


In collaboration with Livi Machinery, poultry farmers in Tanzania have the opportunity to enhance their operations with advanced poultry battery cages for sale. With a capacity to house 40,000 layers, this setup promises efficient egg production while ensuring the welfare of the birds. Interested farmers are encouraged to explore the offerings and embrace this innovative solution for their poultry farming endeavors.

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